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How to Litter train your Rabbit

Hello all As many of you know I am a pet parent of a wonderful cute Rabbit. Being a pet parent my biggest concern is how to litter train my rabbit. Here are the steps from which we one can Litter train their pet rabbit.

 Step 1 :choose a convenient litter location.

Rabbits naturally try  to pick a corner  when they need to go for litter. You can start  putting them in an area with the corner and you can keep their litter box.

Step 2 : choose and prepare a litter box.

Now you need to select a litter box for your rabbit. I would recommend to keep a bigger Litter tray or litter box so that your rabbit can turn-around and have enough space to move and play into it.

Then line the litter box with newspaper or a paper grocery bag, this will help for an easier clean up. Then add a layer of an ultra-absorbent paper litter, Do not use softwoods like pine or cedar shavings or clumping litters. Rabbits do like to nibble on some of the litter and these may cause liver damage or digestive and respiratory problems. Always be sure to monitor them closely after changing to a new bedding or litter.

Step 3  : Introduce your pet to Litter area.

Rabbit have the tendency to smell the poop and then they poop on the same place again. So in order to train your rabbit to use the litter box you need to collect the poops of the rabbit and drop them into the litter tray. When they urinate, wipe it up with a paper towel and then put both the rabbit and the soiled paper towel in the litter box, this will help them as they begin learn where they should go. In order to make toilet of rabbit clean you can use a solution made of 50% of vinegar and 50% of water and apply the spray on the area where the rabbit had urinated.

Once your rabbit is in the litter box, encourage them with words of praise as well as give them some treats . you can do this until you feel the bunny is consistently going in the litter box, this could take time from few days to months.

Step 4 : Give your rabbit more space to roam.

Once you are confident your bunny is going in their litter box, give them a little more space to explore. You can even repeat step three in a few different rooms, and you may want to have a few extra litter box locations for your bunny to go.

If your rabbit has any accidents, be sure to just put them and their droppings or urine in the box and clean and disinfect the area they originally went. Once in the box, praise them again. It is helpful to take them to the box every ten minutes or so and encourage them to go with a treat to hand out if they do.

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