Pratik Bhatt
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Why A WordPress Site

In this day and age, establishing an online presence is one of the key essentials for having a successful business. By using the internet, your company or small business can reach massive number of people across the globe. And the more potential clients or customers you can reach, the more

I am presenting here a code methodology  that will be used to replace the product gallery in woocommerce with a custom product video or a  video from youtube. For implementing the same you need to add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file or you can also add the

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How to Speed Up WordPress Performance

Imagine you’re surfing one of your most liked sites and suddenly experience it getting slowed down? How would you feel about it? Very irritating right. Well, this can be a serious problem too especially for development companies as this can turn off customer engagement. You want to know what can

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